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The Orbitor

This public and environmental sculpture, designed for worldwide travel, is a 38' long iridescent white vehicle in the shape of a Woman's body in swan dive position.

Her total body span is 8' in diameter and 28' from fingertip to fingertip. Her arms / wings are detachable and will ride with her body aboard an open trailer custom fitted with a bunking system which transports and displays her. 

The Orbitor represents the transition from submersion in the mundane to creative overview. She is symbolic of pioneering and risk-taking. 

The Orbitor's interior, which the public enters through gull-wing doors, is padded and outfitted with an array of instrumentation like a space shuttle interior. Three video monitors tell her mythological history, her overview and her vision and what she thought about what she saw.

The instrument panels and the video screens reflect her overview of the earth in symbolic language and imagery.

Video artists are collaborating with Hera on the production of the videotapes, creating an imaginary landscape of the mind in words and images. Insights and ideas about the world and society as viewed by The Orbitor are being contributed by Futurists and consultants. Their studies and explorations express how the future could be; based on the mythology, ecology, geography and sociology of the planet.




The idea of the project is to create a locus for people's thinking about who we are, where we are going, and where we have been. 

The Orbitor is a vehicle for the development of global awareness and social responsibility. As a travelling outdoor exhibit, The Orbitor will travel around the world, visiting museums and other venues aboard her custom bunked trailer bed.

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